Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Winnipeg Pandemic Virtual Layout Hop

In spring, the Winnipeg Model Railroad Club sometimes has a layout hop—visiting local layouts. Since we can do that during the pandemic, how about a virtual hop? I’ve assembled a list of links to Winnipeg layouts featured on my blog.

The good thing about a virtual layout hop is no driving between layouts, or trying to choose which ones to see based on time available. And best of all, even though many of these layouts no longer exist they can still be visited this way. Enjoy!

First up is Arnold Walker’s HO scale Northland Route, which was one of the premiere layouts in the city. And because there is so much to see on Arnold’s layout, you may need more time. So take a second look at the Northland Route.

Next is Stafford Swain’s HO scale CN Whiteshell Subdivision, including tributes to Stafford. (Who passed away in  2018.)

After that, let’s head over to George Meyer’s O Scale Central Northern Subdivision. George was in N and HO scales before settling on O scale and making this fabulous layout. He passed away in 2019.

Back to HO scale with The Carson and Cobourg,  a layout build by two friends—Marvin Fetch and Vern Gibson.

No visit to layouts in Winnipeg is complete without going to fall in Pennsylvania! That’s the theme of Ron Loewen’s O scale layout, built in a room above his garage.

The Miller Creek Forestry Museum layout started life in B.C., but now makes its home in Winnipeg. Take a look at this amazing ON30 layout!

Wonder what a layout built on four levels looks like? One that goes all around a basement, including through a bedroom and rec room? Then you have to stop by Ken Epp’s Cougar River Subdivision! Ken passed away in 2014.

If four levels isn’t enough, what about five? You can’t miss Ray Goy’s Twin Lakes Terminal & Transfer Railroad, a monster layout on five levels that completely (and I mean completely) filled Ray’s 1,250 square foot basement.

Since it’s spring, maybe the Assiniboine Valley Railway is in operation! Nothing like a ride on Bill Taylor’s 7.5 inch AVR—the route of the hazelnuts.

For a treat, visit one of the oldest home layouts in the city: Don McKinnon’s Malamute & Klondike. It was in the same house for 63 years in the same house until Don passed away in 2013. (Must be some kind of record.)

And I suppose not layout hop in Winnipeg would be complete without a visit to my own layout, the Manitoba & Minnesota Sub., or my N scale Thompson River Canyon hollow core door layout.

Thanks for coming on the hop! Hope you had a good time.

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