Sunday, September 15, 2013

Last Ride on the Assiniboine Valley Railway?

Steamed up and ready to go.

This weekend (Sept. 14-15) was a regular open house at the Assiniboine Valley Railway in Winnipeg. But it was anything but regular.

It was the first open house without the Railway's founder and owner, Bill Taylor, who passed away August 26.

Bill was more than just the founder and owner of the 1.6" scale, 7.5" gauge riding railway located in his seven acre yard. He was the heartbeat of the Railway, it's source of inspiration, and the person who did a lot of the work.

A meet at the station.

True, the AVR has 50-60 members who help maintain and operate the 6,400 feet of track. But the Railway was really Bill's baby. Without him, things like the annual dinner train and Christmas light run would be difficult, if not impossible, to pull off.

But those thoughts weren't on my mind as I enjoyed what might be my final run on the Railway. It was a pleasant fall day as we were pulled along the line by a live steam 4-6-2, through the forest, past three deer and in and out of the station.

A bucolic trip through the forest.

There's another open house in October, but before that AVR members will meet to talk about the future of the Railway. We all hope they can keep it going.

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