Sunday, September 29, 2013

Photos for Windows: Another Set of Buildings Done, and Elmwood Hobby Works Lives Again

The finished block with its windows.

Earlier, I posted about how I use photos of real windows in real buildings to make windows in my model buildings--and how I think this is an easy way to make realistic looking windows.

(As I pointed out in that post, on a sunny day you can't see more than three feet or so inside a building, so why worry about creating interiors? Plus, the prototype supplies everything we need if you have a camera and make glossy prints.)

In that post, I had started the process of adding windows to a block of buildings in "downtown" Ritchie. It's done now, as these photos show.

One change from the earlier post is that I decided to resurrect Elmwood Hobby Works, my hometown hobby shop which recently closed. I not only used its windows, but its door, too. Appropriately, the sign on the door says "closed."

Well, it may be gone for real, but it lives on on the M & Sub.!

That car could use a cleaning . . . .

The photo from which the windows & door were made.


  1. A fitting tribute to a great hobby shop! Stopped by many times during the 2 years assigned to Wpg. A memoriabls experience with every visit.
    Randy O'Brien

  2. Wow this is a dynamite tip!! I laughed at the photo of your finished Merchants Row 1, I can't believe how well that aluminum hobby shop door works! I especially love the ultra realistic CLOSED signs. I will definitely be using this on my downtown district.