Thursday, September 19, 2013

Update on Bowser SD40-2 Units

The M & M Sub. is looking forward to CP Rail SD40-2s with correct
handrails, headlights, number boards, bells, etc.

In April, 2012 I posted confirmation that Bowser would be bringing out Canadian SD40-2s in a number of variants.

Bowser Project Manager Scott Davis told me back then that the company would be releasing Canadian-style SD40-2s for CP, CN and BC Rail in various versions (e.g. long nose, short nose, winterization hatches, etc.). The estimated delivery was to be sometime in 2013.

Well, here it is--2013. I got to wondering about the status of the units, so I e-mailed Lee English of Bowser. He told me that the first engineering drawings are due this month (September) and that they are planning ten versions.

 As for a release date--that he didn't say.

Over at the CP Rail Manitoba & Minnesota Sub. we are saving our money for when those units become available . . . .

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