Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Plugged Yard on the M & M Sub.

WPGTB (Winnipeg-Thunder Bay) departs as DULWPG
(Duluth-Winnipeg) enters a plugged yard.

This ever happen to you? Too many trains and too few tracks. That's what happened on the M & M Sub. the other week.

All three main and passing tracks in Fort Frances were filled, as was the station track with a private owner's train on a rare mileage run.

A view in the other direction.

That's when a mixed freight from Duluth to Winnipeg came in. Luckily, there is a back track in the yard which is used by switchers to run from on end to the other.

The yardmaster directed the new arrival to that track. Once it had cleared the main, the mixed freight from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay left., where it also had cars switched out.

After that, the train was sent on its way to Winnipeg.

Looking from the west end of the yard.


  1. This is why CN used to perform crew changes outside yards like Belleville. This is also why the federal government built a third track for CN and VIA trains to use as part of the infrastructure program!
    Merry Christmas, John, and may your yard be as fluid as rum sauce on plum pudding :) or cranberry on turkey :) or gravy on mashed potatoes, as the case may be!

  2. Thanks for the good wishes, Eric, and same to you!