Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Update on Bowser Canadian-Style SD40-2 (and Bonus M636 Update)

I heard some rumours about the release date for the Bowser SD40-2. So I thought it best to ask Lee English, owner of Bowser, directly.

Here’s what Lee told me: “Production is due to start the end of next month and I hope they will arrive in Montoursville in early November. Painted samples should be on our table at the NMRA Train show.”

As for the Red Barn, “all the information is at the builder and I am waiting for mold prices,” he says.

He also sent along other news about the M636; tooling is 90 percent done and body samples should be on the Bowser table at the NMRA train show. Advertising and preorders will be announced then. 

Says Lee: “I have to make the smoke stack, cab side and a couple minor deck changes yet. The body is done with variations to make—the body with door handles; the body with latches and no handles; CN as-delivered air intake; CN radiator top and sides;  CP as-delivered; CP modernized air intakes; CP radiator top and sides; two air tank and two air tank versions; Cartier air intakes and other miscellaneous versions; none, one, two or three class lights; and water expansion tank.”

The tooling is all modular, he adds. “I have created a puzzle of mold parts that go together to make different versions.”

As for road names, there will be CP 5” nose stripe, CP 8” nose stripe, CN black and orange, CN Sargeant Stripe,  DL, Cartier, FCP, WNY&P, and Minnesota Commercial. “We plan to make every paint scheme,” says Lee.

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