Sunday, July 12, 2015

Switching the Grain Elevator at Turney, Manitoba on the M & M Sub.

Moving in to pick up the loaded cars.

I was out driving in the countryside the other week when I happened upon a bit of switching at the grain elevator in Turney.

I didn’t have much time, but it was a pleasant diversion—and a good chance to take a few photos.

Turney is switched by the Nance turn, which interchanges cars with the Peace River Northern at Nance and switches the elevator on an as-needed basis.

(Turney is named after my friend Morgan Turney, editor of Canadian Railway Modeller.)

Bonus! A freight comes by.

A view of the overall scene.

The loaded cars are on the main; the empty is being spotted.

Leaving Turney with loaded cars in tow.

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