Thursday, July 30, 2015

Switching the Peace River Paper Mill on the Manitoba & Minnesota Sub.

A few shots today of switching at the Peace River paper mill.

In the photo above, the day's switching starts with the plant switcher pulling loaded and empty cars from the mill.

The loaded and empty cars (the tank car) are pulled out of the mill for spotting on the mill passing track. They will later be picked up by the Fort Frances yard switcher.

After pulling the loads and empties, the yard switcher starts spotting the new cars for the mill.

More spotting of cars. The cars ready for pick-up are waiting on the passing track.

A mirror makes the pulpwood tracks look longer.

When the mill switcher is finished, the CP Rail yard switcher brings in the next cut of cars for the mill.

Pulling into the mill.

After dropping off the new cars, the switcher backs on to the cut heading back to the yard.

It then pushed them back to the Fort Frances yard so they can be ready for departure on trains headed east and west.

Switching the cars into the yard.

Meantime, the mill switcher backs into the small two-track yard, ready for the next time it is needed.

The Peace River paper mill is a like a layout-within-a-layout on the M & M Sub. The small switching area, with its five spurs and nine spots, plus a run-around track, can occupy an operator for 20-30 minutes.

Read more about how I scratchbuilt the mill.

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  1. Nice description! I was switching my Cargill elevator today at lunch :)