Sunday, February 15, 2015

Visiting Power on the CP Rail M & M Sub.

Being a DC layout, the CP Rail Manitoba & Minnesota Sub. doesn't get much in the way of visiting power.

But it did a week ago when my friend Rick Ritchie (after whom the town of Ritchie is named) brought over an Aurora & Portland SW1500 (I think that's what it is) made by his friend Jerome Wheeler.

The neat little unit, which was painted and detailed by Jerome, handled the switching duties at the Peace River Mill that evening.

And it looked good doing it.


  1. From your first para John, I take it that we are awash in a sea of DCC layouts and that few will bring guest power to our layouts. I guess that's OK. Liking Rick's Flexicoil-equipped switcher.

    As a purveyor of X2F couplers, I am much like the undiscovered tribe that appeared in National Geographic magazine upon discovery by an explorer. Surprising but not entirely unheard of.

    No modeller is an island! Though we are occasionally peninsulas. Or isthmuses?


  2. Indeed, that's the case, Eric. Most of my MRR friends are DCC.

  3. I still am a firm believer in good ole Dinosaur Control!!