Saturday, February 28, 2015

Update on Conrail 6408 Big Blue

There are no prizes for finishing fast in model railroading. So I take my time getting things done. Like adding details to Conrail 6408, an Athearn SD40-2.

I've had the unit for a number of years, but just never got around to adding the pilot, numberboards (using my simple word processing method) and weathering. But I had some time and inclination this week.

Now it looks like the other units on the layout--toned down and well-used.

How the unit used to look. That blue sure is bright!

This old blue box locomotive will never stand up against the newer offerings. But it does the job on the M & M Sub. And now it does it while looking even better.

Find more info about Conrail 6408 on the M & M Sub., and the end of big blue on Norfolk Southern, by clicking here.

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