Thursday, February 12, 2015

Team Track on the CP Rail M & M Sub.

As model railroaders know, a team track is one of the most versatile industries on a layout.

A team track is a spur for businesses that do not have rail service. It got its name from the teams of horses that pulled wagons to the tracks before trucks were used. For some reason, the name stuck.

An team of horses puts the "team" in team
track in Duluth, MN.

There is a two-track team track in Fort Frances on the CP Rail M & M Sub. One of the tracks features a ramp for unloading truck trailers from piggy-back flat cars.

Cars which find their way to the team tracks include flat cars, box cars, covered hoppers and bulkhead flats.

Making the team track area was simple. I simply painted the upside-down ceiling tile I used for subroadbed black. I used cinders for ballast for the track, scattering some ground foam around to simulate weeds.

A black magic marker pen was used to simulate cracks in the asphalt.

Click here for an interesting look at team tracks in Duluth, MN from Zenith City Online. Old-time photo above from that website. 

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