Sunday, January 18, 2015

An Interesting Way to Use the CP Rail Multimark

So here’s an interesting way to use the CP Rail Multimark, also known colloquially as the “Pacman.”

It was developed by a model railroader named Lance who operates a blog called Northwest to Southern Cross. 

In a blog post in 2009, he wrote that he started a new freelance model railroad called the Cascade Railway.

The fictitious line was a bridge road located in the Pacific Northwest, connecting western Washington with south central Oregon. Like Montana Rail Link, the Cascade Railway would operate it's own freight trains and locals, but would also host long distance trains of the Burlington Northern.

Home road power had two paint schemes. The first was a version of the Canadian Pacific grey & maroon (the original scheme).

The second was a modern scheme, a bright red and black with a modern logo—similar to how the CPR became CP Rail. The logo represented a volcanic mountain in front of a full moon—the well-known Multimark on its side.

The layout was completed to a stage where operating sessions were held every month or two. Just before scenery stage, he tore it down. Now he's working on a new layout featuring Australian railways (the "southern cross" in the blog title.) 

I don't know; for this CP Rail modeller, seeing the Multimark used this way takes a little getting used to. But it looks good, and conveys the idea Lance was trying to communicate. Maybe the real CP Rail should have thought of doing it that way!

Click here to learn more about the history and uses of the Multimark.


  1. I like it! He had a very sharp looking paint scheme.

  2. Looks like the sun or moon coming up over a mountain when turned on its side.