Monday, June 30, 2014

World Cup and Model Railroading

You can buy model trains decorated for teams in the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, and the National Football League.

But you can't find any decorated for the biggest sport on the planet: Soccer (or football, as it is known to most of the world).

At least one person in the world has a piece of rolling stock decorated for his home team--Mexico. Once again, my friend Edgar Romero Roldán has made a great-looking custom car.

"This car is a pure fantasy," he says, adding that he made it to "commemorate the participation of the Mexico football team during the 2014 world cup. I did this car for my own collection."

Edgar made the decals are custom made, using downloaded images from Internet, printing them on decal paper and cutting them size for the car.

Unfortunately for Edgar, Mexico did not make it through the round of 16. He can console himself, at least, by looking at his boxcar.

To see more of Edgar's great custom modelling, check out his Christmas boxcar and his weathering skills.

As an aside, there are no trains decorated for NBA teams--at least, none that I can find on the Web. I wonder what that says about the perceived relation between basketball and model railroading? (If anything, at all.)

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