Monday, June 2, 2014

Bacon and Trains

There’s bacon frosting, bacon toothpaste, bacon wrapping paper, bacon candy, bacon lip balm, bacon air freshener, bacon ice cream, bacon soap, bacon jam, bacon gum, bacon band aids, bacon soft drinks. There’s even a bacon coffin. 

Until recently, there were no bacon model trains. But that’s fixed now that a modeller named Rochelle has created bacon graffiti for an HO scale car.

Said Rochelle: “I noticed how hot bacon is, plus I love it, so I made an HO scale train car with bacon graffiti.”

The car is hand painted, but she says she can make more if people want to order one. Find out more by visiting her website. 

Of course, bacon cars are not completely unknown; in the early twentieth century you could find them on the prototype.
One has just been saved by the Indiana Transportation Museum: The 104 year-old Kingan Co.'s "Reliable Sliced Bacon” car.
According to a story in the Indianapolis Star,  the car has historical significance to the city and to Indiana; Kingan was the first company to sell sliced bacon, and it was the biggest meat-packing company in the city in the early 1900s.

The car will need repainting, couplers and trucks, but is otherwise in good shape, having been kept indoors for many years.

There were other cars promoting bacon back then, and some have been made into models, as seen below. But Rochelle may be the first person to put an actual slice of bacon on a piece of rolling stock.

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