Saturday, June 14, 2014

Another Video of the M & M Sub. Posted

It's been awhile since I made and posted a video of the CP Rail Manitoba & Minnesota Subdivision to YouTube. But it's a rainy weekend in Manitoba, and the evening was free, so I thought: Let's do it!

This short video starts on the upper level, with the reconstructed entrance to staging yard, and includes shots of the new section on the lower level.

If you're interested, click here to see it.

That makes 56 videos on my YouTube channel, most of them of my layout. Altogether, they've been watched over 300,000 times--amazing!


  1. You have a great layout and an impressive collection of grain cars, John! I need a lot more grain cars.. but scenery is going to have to come first. :)

  2. The music was 'One' but I was able to count 20 cylindricals...the way grain trains were intended to look!
    Thanks for sharing this enjoyable video, John.

  3. 19, actually--close! It's as long a train as will fit in my storage tracks. 25 would be better . . . .