Thursday, June 26, 2014

CP Rail M & M Sub. in Model Railroader

When I was a kid, I read both Model Railroader and Railroad Model Craftsman. I told myself: One day I want to make a model railroad good enough to be in those magazines.

My dream has been fulfilled. So far, I've been in RMC twice (2005 and 2009), and now I am in Model Railroader--or the CP Rail Manitoba & Minnesota Subdivision is, at least.

The magazine has published an article about how I use tree bark for rocks in its August, 2014 issue. The article is even listed on the cover!

The article.

(Canadian Railway Modeller wasn't around back when I was a kid, or I would have wanted to be in that, too--and I have, several times.)

Even though magazines are losing their lustre today, and everything you could possibly want to know about the hobby is on the Web, there's still something about being published--about having someone else decide that, yes, your modelling, writing and photography is good enough to include in a periodical.

The article is on page 51 of the August issue.

Another shot of the scene in the August
issue of Model Railroader.


  1. Congrads, that is a real honor!

  2. Well done, John! A RMC, MR, CRM hat trick!

    Then there's always blogging, where we set out own schedule and publish just what we want! I do hope that the model railroad press is active for a while longer. I still like the printed matter available at hand. And I never have to plug it in or recharge the battery!


  3. Very impressive, and well deserved! Congratulations!