Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Volunteering, and the South Shore Line in Northwest Indiana

I'm in Gary, Indiana, doing some volunteer work with my denomination's domestic disaster response arm, Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS). We're repairing homes damaged by flooding in September, 2008. (Yes, it can take that long to help everyone affected by a disaster; MDS is still working on homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.)

As it turns out, the house I am working at is located a block from the South Shore Line, the electric interurban that runs from Elkhart, Ind. to Chicago. At regular intervals throughout the day I hear the train as it crosses streets near the Gary/Chicago Airport stop. Yesterday, after work, I made my way down to the station to see the 4:38 to Chicago.

Volunteering to help others is its own reward; being able to see a unique train is a bonus!

(You can learn more about the MDS work in Gary here.)

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