Friday, July 8, 2011

Hammond, Indiana Railroad Junctions

More confirmation, as if I needed it, that volunteering is a good thing: The guesthouse where I am staying is very close to two northwest Indiana railroad hotspots: Osborn and Calumet junctions.

At Osborn junction, the busy Norfolk Southern mainline to Chicago crosses the Indiana Harbor Belt. At Calumet, its CSX that crosses the IHB. I saw two trains at Osborn, but light and my time ran out before I could see a train cross at Calumet.

Last night, after supper, I drove up nearby Kennedy Ave. for a bit of train-watching at these two locations. Unfortunately, it was already evening, and the light was fading, so the photography was iffy. But I managed to catch three trains in the hour I had available; see photos below.

For more information about these two junctions, and other railfan sites in Indiana, check out Chicago Area Rail Junctions.

IHB SW1500 1501 at Osborn Junction.

An NS double stacker approaches Osborn Junction.

Calumet Junction Tower.

Calumet Junction, with a CSX train waiting for
clearance in the background.

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