Friday, April 8, 2011

Jackson Street Roundhouse

Last summer I had a chance to visit the Great Northern Railway’s historic Jackson Street Roundhouse in Minneapolis.

The roundhouse, built in 1907, is home to 15 locomotives, 31 passenger cars, 25 freight cars and nine cabooses. Some of the locomotives and passenger cars are in use on the Osceola & St. Croix Valley Railway, a tourist line in Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, it was closed the day I was there—it's only open two days a week. Although the roundhouse was closed, I was able to wander around on the outside. See photos below.

Click here for more information about the Jackson Street Roundhouse.

Great Northern 454A.

Milwaukee 502.

The turntable.

Navy 10106

SOO 693 has seen better days.

Armco B-71, a Westinghouse "Visibility Cab" Switcher.

Northern Pacific 1264.

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  1. To clarify the roundhouse is in St.Paul, MN and it is too bad you came on an off day. It is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays and it is well worth a trip off the beaten path. Escecially in the winter when the Osceola engines (BN SDP40 and others) come home to winter.