Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back Together Again

New trackage on the upper level. The old roadbed
can be seen in the background.

It took a while, but the CP Rail M & M Sub. is back together again.

Those who have visited this blog before will know that I dismantled a portion of the layout in December, 2010. The removal of the cntre penninsula "orphaned" the two staging yards, and disconnected the two levels.

Everything is back together again; I can once again run trains from between the upper and lower staging yards.

While happy to once again have something to do on the layout, the changes necessitated a couple of less than desirable things. The curves are tighter, for one thing (26 inch minimum now), and I needed to extend the upper level over the lower level quite a bit. (I'll have to add some lights to illuminate the lower level in this area.)

Grades in the new helix are also a bit tougher than I want, but I can still run 16-20 car trains, depending on the power I use.

There's still the usual fiddly work to do, such as smoothing out rough spots in the track. But rail traffic has returned to normal.

Next up: Adding the fascia, and scenery—the part of model railroading I enjoy the most.

Lower level trackage. I need to add some lights
under there!

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  1. Looks good John! Can we expect to see a revised trackplan in future posts?