Saturday, July 2, 2016

Tunnel of Trees

There are many ways to hide trains on a layout and obscure the fact they are moving around corners or between towns—buildings, hills and actual tunnels themselves.

Or you can use a tunnel of trees.

That’s what I did on a section of the M & M Sub. on the upper level. As the tracks leave Nance, they curve behind a hill and emerge in a tree tunnel.

From a normal vantage point, you can see the trains moving through the trees. Or you can move down the tracks a bit and watch them come through the foliage with a more head-on view.

This isn’t the only place I’ve used this technique, but it is the place with the most trees.

As for the trees themselves, they are all handmade from various garden shrubs such as spirea and yarrow. Click here to learn more about how I made them.

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