Thursday, July 31, 2014

Uncovering Old Turntable History in Edmonton, and on the M & M Sub.

In July, a piece of history was uncovered in Edmonton, Alberta—the old Canadian Northern Railway turntable pit.

The pit, unearthed on that city’s MacEwan University's campus during a construction project, was buried about 50 years ago when the roundhouse was torn down.

Once construction is completed, the pit will be re-filled and will once again disappear from view.

Click here to read the story in the Edmonton Journal.

It’s a different situation on the CP Rail Manitoba & Minnesota Sub. The old roundhouse was also torn down many years ago in Fort Frances, and the turntable pit filled in. 

Unlike in Edmonton, the concrete wall of the turntable pit can still be seen. It's in the new locomotive repair area, as seen in the photo below.

Click here to read about how I made the old turntable pit, and gave this part of the layout a sense of history.

Photo at top from the Edmonton Journal.

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