Friday, January 24, 2014

And You Thought You Had a Lot of Snow

The caption accompanying this photo says that it was taken in Rogers Pass, B.C. after a metre (three feet) of snow had fallen in three days in January, 2014.

Another website, with the same photo, said the train was moving through the result of an avalanche.

Either way, that's a lot of snow!

The photo was taken by Sylvain Hebert of Storm Mountain Technical Services, the company that does avalanche control for the CPR. 


  1. West end of Mount MacDonald tunnel apparently. Great shot!

    Wonder how the photographer actually made it into position for the picture? And was he at all worried the rumbling of the train might either cause him to ride a drift into it's path or bury him up to the eyeballs sinking into all that snow?

    Thanks for posting. Feels a lot like this shot where I am today!

  2. A bit more research shows that Hebert works for a company that does avalanche control for the CPR--that explains how he got so close.


    I noticed in the above link the picture is taken "in motion". Possibly Hebert is on a train or snow plow in front of 8917. It's a great picture in any case.

  4. My dad was a CN Hogger and frequently operated a Steam driven plow out of Brandon. It was not unusual to have drifts higher than the telegraph poles in the prairies.