Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bowser to Make Canadian SD40-2s

This is not the new Bowser SD40-2, but an
excellent kitbash of an Athearn unit by my
good friend Manny Jacob. I hope the new units
look this good!

I reported earlier that Bowser was planning to come out with a new Canadian locomotive. Today they announced what it will be: The SD40-2, in several Canadian variants.

All I can say is: Wow!

I also noted earlier that this is a great time to be a Canadian model railroader. With the recent announcements by Athearn of their CN GP38-2, InterMountain planning to bring out SD40-2s in all its phases, and now Bowser planning to do the same unit--not to mention all the great stuff from Rapido and True Line Trains--it's a really great time to be a Canadian model railroader.

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  1. Oh? And Intermountain has announced SD40-2's as well, but these will presumably be the US version.