Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Holy Helices!

The CP Rail M & M Sub. has one helix. My brother-in-law's former layout, the Cougar River Subdivision, had two. There may be a layout or two out there with three. But ten?

That's what the Waterloo (Ont.) Region Model Railroad Club has on its layout--or will, when the layout is completed.

The seven-level layout (that's right--seven levels) is connected by a series of helices taking trains up and down the layout. It's an incredible sight.

The mushroom-style model railroad, which represents CP Rail in the Sudbury, Ontario area in the 1970s, is under construction in a 40 by 50 foot quonset hut in Maryhill, just outside Kitchener-Waterloo.

Actually, it would be more accurate to say club members aren't constructing a layout--they are building a building inside a building, and the building they are building just happens to support a model railroad.

I had a chance to visit the club again recently, and took a few photos of progress to date. Simply put, it's amazing!

You can get more information about the Club on its website, including layout diagrams and photos. There's also a link to the Club's Yahoo! forum and YouTube videos. Prepare to be amazed!

A finished scene on the layout.


  1. Amazing layout indeed. Thanks for the links

  2. More accurately, ten SETS of helices (four of which have been built so far and show in the photos above).

    Because a helix represents an investment in space, our helix locations typically represent 2 or 3 helices or loops wrapped around or stacked on top of each other.