Saturday, August 20, 2011

Switching Activity at the Peace River Paper Mill

I caught a bit of switching activity at the Peace River paper mill today. The mill is the largest industry on the Manitoba & Minnesota Sub. So big, in fact, that it has its own switcher--an old unpainted Atlas S-2. (One of those "one day" projects, as in "one day I am going to give it a proper paint job.")

The mill itself is made from Evergreen corrugated styrene glued to foam core. It's not as detailed as it could be, but that's where GEFM comes in: Good Enough For Me."

Besides, operators hardly notice the details, or lack thereof, while switching the mill's five spotting tracks and two track yard. It can take about 45 minutes to switch out departing cars and replace them with incoming cars.

A mirror makes the track seem longer.

Back to the yard . . . .

Overview of the paper mill.

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