Monday, June 13, 2011

The Demise of the Montreal Model Railroad Club, Tibetan Sand Mandalas and a Bottle of the Finest Spirits

The demise of the Canada Central, the fantastic layout owned by the Montreal Model Railroad Association, is in the news these days. An article about the club losing its home of 38 years was carried by Canadian Press, and appeared in many newspapers in Canada.

I wrote a post about the Club losing its home in March; you can read it here.

I channelled my inner Buddha in 2009 when I wrote a reflection about the transitory (trainsitory?) nature of all of our model railroads. You can read Of Tibetan Sand Mandalas and Model Railroading here.

Last, I posted a poignant story about the death of a local model railroader, the friends who dismantled his layout, a bottle of the finest spirits hidden in a mountain--and a toast to a dear, departed friend. You can read I'll Drink to That here.

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