Thursday, October 14, 2010

Backdrop Photo: River Scene

River scene on the CP Rail M & M Sub.

One scene that turned out fairly well on the CP Rail M & M Sub. is at Rushing River. That's where I used a calendar photo to simulate the river going off into the distance. Luckily, the green water in the photo was a good match for the green paints I had on hand, so it was relatively easy to merge the two.

Of course, it's not perfect; look at it the "wrong" way and it's pretty easy to see it's just a photo. But for normal layout viewing, it works OK. It helps that this scene is at eye-level, which means viewers aren't looking down at the river or backdrop. But even from high above, it looks fine, as in the photo below.

Another view of the river scene, from above. More
photos below.

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