Monday, August 1, 2016

Thompson River Canyon Layout Progress Update

As I noted earlier, this is the week that my brother-in-law's ashes were scattered in B.C.'s Thompson River Canyon by his family.

While they are doing that, I am working on finishing up my portable N scale Thompson River Canyon layout, which I making in his memory.

I started it last summer, completing one side in time for the annual Winnipeg model railroad club fall show.

I had intended to finish the other side over the winter, but life got in the way.

This summer, I started at it again. The basic scenery is now done.

This side will be the part of the canyon where the sides aren't as steep and rocky. The colour will also be more red-brown than grey.

As you can see, I once again used extruded Styrofoam to make the landforms. I also used it to make the rocks and boulders.

I need to have this done by mid-September, for the 2016 model railroad club show. The next step is the painting. Check back in over the next few weeks to see my progress.

To view all the posts about the creation of this layout, including videos, click here: Thompson River Canyon.

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