Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Twin City Railroad Museum in St. Paul Saved

The Twin City Model Railroad Museum has been saved.

The Museum, located in St. Paul, Minn., was told last year it had to leave its long-time home at Bandana Square, where it had been for 31 years.

Now it has found a new home in the city; it will remain open in its current location until Feb. 28.

“We’re really excited to continue our legacy in St. Paul,” museum spokesman Brandon Jutz said Friday.

Once word spread that the museum could close, financial support poured in; more than $70,000 was donated to help with the move.

The challenge now is moving the huge layout.

This is the second time the museum has moved since its founding in 1934. It moved from the Union Depot to Bandana Square in 1984.

More information can be found on the Museum’s website. 

Read more about the saga of the Museum's relocation. 

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