Saturday, June 6, 2015

More Photos of a Great Canadian Lone Wolf Layout

My friend Ronald Grandmaison was in town from New Brunswick. After running some trains on the M & M Sub., we went over to my friend Walter's layout--aka the "lone wolf."

I know that Ronald was impressed by Walter's work, as am I whenever I visit. And to think he has achieved this much progress in just seven years! (With help from his brother.)

What makes Walter's layout even more special is that many of the structures are scratchbuilt, or made from fine scale kits--the ones I would never attempt to build.

So whenever I go there I find that he's added something new, or changed something. And I always take a few photos of his great model railroad.

Walter still has a ways to go, but the results so far are great--as Ronald will attest.

Click here and here to see other photos and information about the layout.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks John for being such a great host and inviting me to your home layout for a second time! The changes that you have made to your peninsula have greatly improved the general appearance. The long slow running trains were a real feast!

    Walther's layout is fantastic! His level of achievement in such a short period raises the bar for everybody else! Greatest lit garage with interior that I have ever seen... and I have visited a lot of layouts!
    Ronald Grandmaison
    Campbellton, N.B.