Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Great Place to Live (Close to the Tracks)

The tracks are behind the house.

Changes to the M & M Sub, required me to move the only house on the layout to another location.

Before the changes, the house was right beside the tracks; now it is perched on a hill above the tracks.

The trains can't be seen, but I'm sure they can be heard (and felt) by the occupants!

The house can just be seen through
the trees above the train.

The location of the house made me wonder how many other houses have unique locations beside railway tracks in real life.

Where the house is located on the layout.

I'm not thinking of the houses that back on to mainlines in almost any major town or city, but ones that occupy special places.

It would be like the house below, located beside the Altoona, PA locomotive shop, which I photographed about five years ago.

The view from the house.

It would also be like these residences in Hanoi, Vietnam. Now that's close to the tracks!

I think I would prefer the setting below, to be honest. That looks like a great place to live! Unfortunately, I don't know where it is. Does anyone know?

The house below in Toronto would be cool, too.

Of course, we model railroaders are a peculiar lot; most people would avoid a house by the tracks.

And if we can't have one in real life, we can always have one on our layouts.

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  1. I too would like to live next to a line, except when overnight engineering work is taking place...