Saturday, May 3, 2014

Open House Signs

I held an open house today. It's something I like to do periodically--a way to share my layout with others, but also to give me a deadline to get things done. Like clean up the layout room, in this case.

The purpose of this open house was to show the changes to the layout. The last time many members of the Winnipeg Model Railroad Club saw the layout was in 2010, during the last NMRA regional convention in the city.

Back then, the layout still had the three-level centre peninsula. Today, it is one-level, with a prairie town.

As with previous open houses, I posted signs around the layout. When five or ten people are in the room, it's hard to talk to everyone, and answer questions.

The signs help explain various features of the layout--which takes a burden off me, as host. They explain how I made scenery, how I switch the paper mill, what the staging yards represent, etc.

In addition to the usual signs, I also posted a series of photos to show how the peninsula had changed over the past few years. (See above.)

Anyway, click here to read an earlier post to see examples of signs for open houses (in this case, during that 2010 NMRA regional convention).

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