Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Canadian-Style GP9 Slug Being Produced

Lately, it's been the big companies making all the news about new Canadian Products.

There's InterMountain with its HO scale CP Rail SD40-2 units; Bowser, also with its HO SD40-2 units; Athearn with its new HO CP Rail and CN GP9s; and Rapido Trains with, well, everything Canadian in HO and N.

So it's nice to see a small manufacturer also making a (smaller) wave with a new Canadian product. That would be Maple Leaf Trains, which is producing a resin kit of a Canadian-style GP9 slug.

The kit, which sells for $84.95, includes the shell, frame, two air tanks, air filters, MU power cable connectors, electrical components and brake wheel, plus various metal etched parts.

I have no vested interest in the company, nor can I vouch for the product. I'm simply glad to see another company produce a product many modellers of Canadian railways can use.

Now if someone would just bring out a chop-nose GP9 to mate that slug with . . . .

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