Saturday, April 19, 2014

Return Visit to a Great Canadian "Lone Wolf" Model Railroad

Last fall I had a chance to visit a great Canadian model railroad in Winnipeg--a great "lone wolf" model railroad.

As I explained in the post, it was built by a modeller who wasn't on anyone's radar in the city. He and his brother, who also helped with the layout, didn't belong to the local model railroad club or participate in any local model railroad activities.

There are lots of people like them out there--I was like that, once.

I went back to see the layout again recently, this time with Jason Shron, founder and CEO of Rapido Trains. Jason was in town to see his in-laws, and needed a layout to run some of his new products on--things like the new VIA F40PH-2D, LRC and FPA-4 and FPB-4 units, along with a CNR GMD-1. 

(The post about that visit, along with photos of those new products, can be found here.)

Once again, I was totally impressed by the layout, which features the CPR in the 1950s. I think you will be, too, as the photos will attest.

And now I can also tell you the owner's name: Walter Pankratz, owner of this great Canadian model railroad.

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