Friday, April 18, 2014

Rapido Trains Visits Winnipeg (Again), F40PH-2D, GMD-1, FPA-4 & LRC Locomotives in Tow

Luckily for those of us who live in Winnipeg, the in-laws of Jason Shron, founder and CEO of Rapido Trains, also live in this prairie city. This means that Jason and his family have to visit at least once a year, if not more--bringing great models with him.

This time Jason came bearing the new VIA F40PH-2D, LRC and FPA-4 and FPB-4 units, along with a CNR GMD-1 in the classic green and old scheme. (Sorry Jason; couldn't resist.)

The hosts for the most recent photo and video shoot was Walter Pankratz, who has built a great Canadian model railroad based on CPR operations in the 1950s.

We had a great time posing Rapido's new units at various locations on Walter's layout, and helping Jason make a new video.

A few more photos of these great-looking and great-running products are below.

Walter Pankratz and his brother, Ed, and Jason Shron.

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  1. Beautiful shots here John! I'm so excited to see these incredible 'blasts from the not-so-long-ago pasts' making their pictorial debut on your layout. Can't wait to see what 'Rapido Trains' comes up with next!

    All the best!

    Chris Plue