Saturday, November 23, 2013

Best Snow Scene Ever?


It snowed in Manitoba last week, and now it's white on the ground. That means it's time for snow pictures, like the ones on this page.
I don't know about you, but I think this model snow scene is the best I have ever seen. That it also features Canadian railways is a bonus.


It was was created by Stefan Foerg, a modeller and diorama creator who lives in Germany. It was photographed by Jürg Rüedi of Switzerland, a Z-scaler who also collects weathered locomotives, cars and dioramas. He photographed the scene outdoors in natural light.
What makes the scene so great and so believeable is also the locomotives and rolling stock; the CP Rail units were detailed and weathered by Rodney Walker and the cars by Gary Christensen. Both are regulars at The Weathering Shop. 
Jürg says that he had always wanted a snow diorama to photograph some winter action.  He gave Stefan a prototype photo and asked him to replicate that scene.


Stefan made the realistic-looking snow from baking soda; he used a mix of  water, glue and liquid soap to fix it in place.

You can see more photos of this scene, including photos of how the diorama was made, on the Model Railroad Hobbyist website.

You can see more of Rodney's great models here and here. You can see more of Gary's fine work here. 

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  1. These are fantastic photos! I like the SWEEP in the second photo too :)