Tuesday, February 19, 2013

30-Car Rapido Turbo Train: Wow!

Update to the update: It's back! Or, at least, I found another link to the 30-car Turbo Train video. Click here to see it.

Update: It seems that the person who made the video has removed it . . . too bad--it really was amazing!

Amazing! That's all you can say when watching a video of a 30-car Rapido HO scale Turbo Train roaring--and I mean roaring--along the tracks on the West Island Modular Club layout in Dorval, Quebec.

Click here to view the video--and stand back from the tracks!

As for the club itself, their layout has 22 modules with two 100-foot mainline tracks, plus industrial sidings and a yard.

The club is located right beside the CN Kingston and CPR Vaudreuil Subdivisions, with two double track mainlines. As they say on their website: If you are going to visit, bring your camera!

(If you'd like to see the Turbo in a more normally-sized length, click here to view it on the Selkirk, Man. Model Railway Club layout. Bonus: You get some light jazz to accompany it.)

And, yes, that's a picture below of Jason Shron of Rapido Trains during a visit to the West Island Modular Club layout.

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