Friday, March 22, 2019

New England, Berkshire & Western Finds New Home

The New England, Berkshire & Western Railroad (NEB&W) has found a new home. 

Earlier I reported that the layout, built and maintained by the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society (on the campus of the Renssaelaer Polytechnical Institute), needed to move from its current location due to the need for renovations.

At that time, the club had nowhere to go. The plan was to cut up the layout and put into storage.

To avoid that scenario, the club issued a plea for “massive amounts of publicity” in an effort to “reach some wealthy benefactor, or even just convince the school the importance of not letting us wither away in storage.”

Their effort seems to have worked; according to a report by the Institute, the layout will “soon be moved to a location that will allow the public better access to its miniature re-creations of communities from Troy to the Canadian Border set in 1950.”

The new home will be a space leased by the Institute at 258 Hoosick Street in Troy.

“This move is uncovering a hidden gem and elevating it to a position of prominence in the community,” said Dalton Slegel, the president of the Model Railroad Society.

“We are honoring the historical connections between Rensselaer alumni and railroading heritage, as well as the immense contributions of club members over many decades.”

This summer the club’s current home, Davison Hall will undergo renovations, including removal of asbestos insulation and the removal and replacement of aging water and heating pipes located directly above and around the NEB&W layout.

In addition to being more publicly accessible, the new space will provide the club with additional space to expand the layout.

Adirondack Studios and Clarke Dunham of Dunham Studios, which specializes in model railroads, has been contracted “to develop and execute a plan to safely remove the railroad from the basement of Davison Hall, provide secure temporary storage, and reassemble it at the new location.”

The relocation should be completed by fall.

Photo above from TrainMasters TV.

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