Saturday, April 29, 2017

N Scale Model Railroad in a (Molson) Canadian Bar

Earlier, I posted about beer and trains, about how brands of beer have been featured on trains, about beer tasting trains ("Rails to Ales"), and a bar that brings beer to its customers using G Scale trains. 

I also wrote about Zientek's, a model railroad store in Chicago that once was a combination tavern and hobby shop. 

Now I can add another post to this topic: Jeff Andrew's N Scale in a Bar.

Since Jeff has always loved woodworking, miniatures, aquariums and trying to recreate something realistic-looking in small scale, it seemed like a no-brainer.

Or, as he put it, “all of these interests came together in this layout.”

He started building the bar about five years ago. Today, the layout is very close to completion.

The next challenge is the bar itself, he says—there is lots finish work and cabinets to be done. “It will be good work for next winter since the nice weather is here and I love the outdoors,” he adds.

Jeff posted photos and videos to the Canadian Railway Modellers page on Facebook, which is where I first saw it.

“The response has been astonishing,” he says. “I thought people might like something different, but it's been truly incredible.”

He hastens to add “I'm not a pro at model railroading by any means. This is just a simple single line. No switches, yards, crossings, etc. 

"But I think the fact that it's different and I've concentrated my efforts on detailing the scenery as best as I can has let people enjoy something that they can themselves do on a relatively limited budget.”

As for the bar itself, “I must say that the fact that you can sit at the bar, have a Molson Canadian (or two) and watch a train pass by under your sleeves is pretty cool,” he says.

“The glass provides dust and spill protection, views from both the sides and above and keeps wee fingers from derailing the train.”

I don't know about you, but that looks to me like a great place to enjoy a cold one, and watch trains at the same time!

Click here to visit Jeff’s YouTube page with videos of his model train in a bar. You can also see more photos on his Facebook page, Northern N Scale in a Bar.

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  1. Love the bar layout, wish I had more information about the plan and how to do it.