Friday, May 20, 2016

The Model Railroad Club of Ontario: Back to Life!

When I last wrote about the Model Railroad Club of Toronto, it was 2013 and the club had held its final run before having to move to new premises.

"With brave faces, they did their final runs, then symbolically, they cut the mainline,"  was how a reporter chronicled the end of the O scale layout, which had been in the same location since 1946.

Well, that was then and this is now: Next weekend, May 28-29, the club has its first public open house to show off progress on the new layout, called the Central Ontario Railway.

And what a magnificent layout it is! Even though it isn't nearly done, and much of it is in benchwork, you can see the promise and potential.

Not all of the layout is new; club members incorporated elements of the old layout, including the major yards with their hundreds of switches and thousands of feet of handlaid track.

As they say on their Facebook page, "with a bit of year of room prep, benchwork, trackwork, electrical, DCC integration and lots of effort, the 'patient' is now off life support and is slowly coming back."

Unfortunately, living in Winnipeg means I can't be there for the open house. But I wish them well in this, and all future endeavours.

The photos on this page are from the club's Facebook page, where they are posting about their progress.

To watch a video on YouTube of the club's first operating session, click here.

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