Saturday, May 7, 2016

Death and the Model Railroader: R.I.P. Selkirk Model Railroad Association

After 22 years, the Selkirk Model Railroad Association is no more.

The club, located in the city of Selkirk, just north of Winnipeg, traces its origins back to 1993. That’s when two copies of a model railroad magazine were stuck together and delivered to the same mailbox—prompting the recipient to learn there was another model railroader in the town.

That led to a meeting, which led to more meetings with more model railroaders, and then to the formation of the club. In 1995 the club found a home in the Selkirk Journal building.

Since that time the club has been home to two HO layouts, along with two N and one O scale layout.

But now the club, and the layouts, are gone. Falling membership meant the club could no longer afford the rent.

That’s too bad. The Selkirk Model Railroad Association was a great part of the model railroad scene in Manitoba.

I’m sorry to see it gone.

Visit the club's website. (Still up as of May 7, 2016.)

See more photos of the Selkirk Model Railroad club HO layout.

Read about the interesting cenotaph/war memorial scene on the old HO layout.

Watch a video of the Turbo Train on the HO layout.

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  1. Wow, hard to believe! We attended their open housed in 2009, while I ogled the “turbo” cruising about the HO layout; one of the members took my wife on a tour of the other layouts. Great layouts and generous hosts. Randy O’Brien