Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thompson River Canyon: On Display for the First Time at the Manitoba Mega Train Show

The layout was a hit with the kids.

It was a successful first day at the Manitoba Mega Train Show, where I unveiled the Thompson River Canyon portable layout.

Even though the weather was great, attendance was good--even higher than the first day last year.

The layout on display.

It was good to talk to friends about my brother-in-law, Ken Epp, and remember him and his interest in the hobby.

It was also good to watch the kids watch the train go round-and-round. I discovered (again) that kids really like tunnels; they would watch it disappear and appear again and again and again.

There was even some visiting power on the layout, courtesy of an N scale friend at the show.

The show runs again tomorrow, after which I will take a break from working on it. My goal is to complete the other side in time for the April, 2016 Winnipeg Model Railroad Club annual spring show.

Speaking of which, I realize I haven't posted a photo of what the other (unfinished) side of the layout looks like; find it below. The finished side looked like this just six weeks ago.

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The unfinished side.

The finished side.

The reason for making it.


  1. Beautiful tribute. Well done.
    Andrew Kerr
    Sydney Australia

  2. Very nice! Great work! Again, I am sure your brother is very proud you did this in his honor. Hopefully, the kids will have the spark to get involved in this hobby, too.

    Ted "Tred" Spence (USN-Ret.)
    Kansas City, KS