Saturday, April 18, 2015

Calgary Supertrain: Bowser Announces CP Rail Red Barn!

Scott Davis shows off Bower's
newest model.

Dreams do come true! Finally, a great looking and great running HO scale SD40-2F--otherwise known as a Red Barn--is being made in plastic by Bowser.

A quality plastic Red Barn has been on my wish list for a long time (as Jason Shron knows only too well).

A photo of a Red Barn placed near the Canadian-style
 SD40-2s was the only clue to the big surprise.

Bowser rep Scott Davis confirmed the new model at the Calgary Supertrain show. He said that it is slated for delivery sometime next year.

Scott was also showing off some pre-production models of the Canadian-style SD40-2. Their release has been delayed until fall.

Can't wait until they are delivered!

CP Rail only built 25 Red Barns, but for those of us who model that railway in the west in the 1990s it's a must-have.

Now all we need is an RTR chop-nose GP-9 and all will be well with the world.

Click here to read a follow-up interview with Bowser CEO Lee English, including info about model variations for the Red Barn.

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