Saturday, April 25, 2015

Calgary Supertrain 2015: More Great Modelling from Tom Beaton

There was more great modelling from Tom Beaton at this year’s Supertrain in Calgary. 

Tom, who is well known in narrow gauge circles for his modeling of the Pacific northwest, had his unique 36 inch circular On30 layout at the annual show, along with his inventive sonotube displays.

Modelling in a tube!

Tom’s modelling was part of the South Bank Short Lines display at Supertrain.

A view from a bit further back.

Tom will be presenting a clinic at the Sept. 2-5 Narrow Gauge convention in Houston, Texas. 

Says Tom about the clinic: “I model Western Canadian Temperate Rain Forests. I show how I do the trees, and all that grows in these forests down to the fungus's. Stumps, cut, hollow and rotten. Rotten logs, ferns, mosses and many other of the ground cover of the forest, using as much natural materials as I can.

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