Thursday, August 21, 2014

More Drone Railfan Videos and Drone Railroad News

In an earlier post, I wrote about how drones are poised to change railfanning photography--take it to a new level.

Since then I've discovered other drone videos of trains on the Web. Like this one, taken in Memphis, TN.

And here's a very short drone clip by Norfolk Southern at its Atlanta yard.

And another one, shot by someone who goes by the name of B LPHOTO, of CSX and KCS action in Ohio.

There are other drone railfan videos on YouTube, but it's clear that taking good drone video, like any other kind of video, takes practice. Some of them haven't yet mastered the slow scan or zoom. Of course, adding the need to fly your camera introduces a whole new level of complexity.

Meantime, Union Pacific is exploring using drones to inspect track and bridges along its system.

And the Deutsche Bahn, Germany's national railway, would like to use drones to prevent vandalism and graffiti in its yards.

Personally, I'm looking forward to when some enterprising railfan photographer uses a drone to video hard to reach places like B.C.'s Fraser Canyon or the CPR spiral tunnels. That will be something to see!

For a drone railfan video update, click here. 


  1. Can I post a new aerial video of mine.

  2. Another posted aerial video.

  3. Thanks for your links! I finally got around to posting them. See my latest post about drone railfan videos at (A Last Drone Round-Up.)