Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Super Bowl, Football Stadiums and Model Railroads

So I’m watching the Super Bowl and wondering: What's wrong with the Broncos?

That, and this as well: Has anyone ever put a football stadium on a layout?

There are lots of layouts with baseball fields,like my brother-in-law's old Cougar River Subdivison. Most of the fields are small, often just sandlots, although a few museum layouts have incorporated large stadiums and fields (as you can see below).

But a football stadium of any size? I can’t find one.

I did find the amazing replica of Giants stadium below, but it doesn’t have a train.

More information and photos of this amazing model can be found here. 

The closest thing I found is a combination baseball-football stadium at the Motorcycle andModel Railroad Museum of Wisconsin. (A unique combination of hobbies . . . )

The stadium can feature either a baseball or football field, depending on the season, and can seat 40,000 spectators—there are “only” 24,000 in it now. (The field will go where the hole is right now.) It can also be illuminated for night games.

More photos of the stadium can be found here. 

Then there’s this O scale replica of Ebbets Field, made by Imagine That Laser Art of Ontario. Measuring 14-1/2 feet by 17-1/2 feet, it is part of 12,000 square foot layout. (That must be something to see!)

Since Ebbets Field was used for football and baseball, perhaps it qualifies as a football stadium. More photos can be found here. 

Similarly, this S scale replica of Pittsburgh’s Forbes Field was also used for football, although once again it is set up for baseball at the Carnegie Science Center’s layout.

More information about that stadium can be found here. 

But back to football stadiums (as the Seahawks are running away with the game in this, the first half). The Amarillo, TX Railroad Museum layout reportedly has a model of the West Texas State University's Buffalo Stadium to hide a helix. The layout diagram shows the location of the stadium, but I can’t find any photos. 

See the plan at the Museum’s website. 

If you go to England, you can find models of football stadiums, er, soccer stadiums, that is. Like this one of Old Trafford. No trains, though. More photos here.

Meanwhile, in the Super Bowl, Seattle has scored on an interception, Denver has turned it over on downs. It looks like a blowout, not the kind of game I was hoping for. I don’t care who wins; I just cheer for a good game. So far, it is not a good game. But the models on this page are pretty amazing!

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