Thursday, February 6, 2014

Big News from Rapido Trains: New VIA F40PH-2D Locomotive

Big news from Jason Shron of Rapido Trains--they are making the first-ever accurate model of VIA Rail's unique F40PH-2D locomotive.

As Jason points out in his most recent newsletter, while there have been other F40 models painted in VIA colours in the past, there has never been an accurate model of this 3000-horsepower Canadian workhorse produced in plastic.

For those of us who model modern railroading in Canada, this is a great addition; the F40PH-2D has been the face of passenger train travel in Canada since the 1980s.

Built in London, Ontario between 1986 and 1989, the prototype features a desktop control stand (hence the "D" designation); a unique fuel tank and underframe arrangement; a unique carbody design with custom panel and door locations; and numerous other Canadian-only details.

Click here for more information about this great-looking HO scale unit, which was made at the request of VIA Rail.

Now if the CPR would just ask Jason to make a model of their Red Barns . . . .

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