Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hiding the Hole, Part IV: Done!

After a month or so of on-and-off work, the hole in the wall is hid. Now operators won't be able to see where the staging yard joins the layout; the trains "mysteriously" appear before their eyes.

There's still more work to do the right of the scene--got something unique planned for that. But now, at least, the upper level is more-or-less back together; now to tackle the lower level of the layout.

To re-cap the process of hiding the hole, see the photos below. Links to previous posts about hole hiding are at the bottom.

The hole.

The hole-hiding hill is added.

Ground foam added, and a bridge.

Background trees in place.

"Real" trees planted.

How the scene looks at operator eye-level.

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  1. Nice work! CP6023 is presently working in Edmonton.