Friday, March 11, 2011

The Chaleur & Restigouche: Another Great Canadian Model Railroad

The Chaleur & Restigouche is another great Canadian model railroad.

The layout, created by Ronald Grandmaison, depicts CN in the late 1970s in Campbellton, Bay of Chaleur and Chatham, New Brunswick. Staging areas represent Montreal (west) and Saint John and Halifax (east).

The point-to-point layout measures 16 feet by 23 feet, and depicts summer in one area, early fall in another. Grades are around two percent, and the layout height varies from 47 to 53 inches.

The majority of the structures are modeled after prototypes in the area, including Fraser Pulp Mill, Cornerstone Tire Plant, Northeast Pine, Pelletier Welding, Vulcan Steel, Chaleur Meat Packers, Repap Mill and the CIL Plant.

Regrettably, I haven't been able to visit the Chaleur & Restigouche in person. But I was able to work with Ronald to feature it in Canadian Railway Modeller, Train 17, Track 1 (July-August, 2009).

You can visit the Chaleur & Restigouche at

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